Trenchless Sewer Repair Glendale

Replacing your sewer line is one of those fears that lurks in the back of the mind of a lot of homeowners. If your plumbing is more than 40 years old, you know it’s going to happen sooner or later and you’re holding your breath hoping it doesn’t happen “this week”.

Emergency Repair
When a sewer line backs up for the first time, you’re most likely to call and get your line routed out in a hurry. This is only a temporary measure. It will take care of the tree roots, etc in your line for now. They will grow back and bring their friends causing more damage in the process.

A better option is to have a company like ours to come out, clear the line and do an inspection by camera. We can pinpoint where the problems are and just how bad it is and show you right there on the camera.

If you’re proactive in getting your sewer replaced BEFORE it breaks, you’ll be in a much better position to plan your project and not be in an emergency situation.

No Trench Options
A great way to replace a sewer line is Trenchless Sewer Repair here in Glendale CA. It’s just what it sounds like. We don’t have to dig a huge trench through your yard to get to the pipe. Instead, new pipe is fed through the old one and pulled through via a second hole. That’s it. Two holes to deal with instead of a huge ditch that needs to be filled in and landscaping to repair.

Doesn’t that sound like an easier way to deal with a broken sewer line? We’ve been in this business for 10 years, licensed and insured, with great reviews from customers who’ve used this service in the past. Not sure if you need us yet? Give us a call anyway, we do free estimates.


Before and After with a trenchless sewer repair

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Sewer Line Repair Services

The Added Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair and Sewer Root Management


  • No damage to your Los Angeles home’s front yard

  • A inexpensive choice to traditional sewer replacement

  • Stop future sewer drains being blocked or clogged and create a structurally sound sewer line

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